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Trust on the doorstep

  Knock, knock, knock. The door is opened by Adina, wearing a jumper, jeans and a simple headscarf. She smiles a wide smile, her high cheekbones raising higher. “Hi Adina, we’re delivering ‘make your own toilet roll bus’ kits”. Kaleb pokes his head around his mum’s legs, his big round eyes shining and his face serious. […]


Follow us to find the treasure

“Follow us to find the treasure, follow us to find the treasure”, I sing as I skip through the Church Manor Estate car park in green dungarees and gingham headscarf. “Follow us to find the treasure, stop!” I whirl around. A group of about ten families stand behind me, laughing and trying to freeze on […]


Play as a catalyst for positive change in a family’s daily life

Story by Creative Homes, in partnership with Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre and Peabody Housing Trust. Lead Artist Helen Maier tells the story of how a visit from the toilet training sailor inspired a family to use play as a creative solution not only for toilet training but also to reduce stress in other areas of […]


Growing independence

Hub Manager and Lead Artist, Charlotte Tupper, talks about how Creative Homes artists empower families and children to grow independence around everyday tasks at home. We’re at Ira Court, an L&Q estate in Lambeth, and we can hear children’s voices behind the door, we knock and Nicole, the mum, opens it. “Come in” she says […]


Train tracks to new places

Building a richer environment where children can play, learn and grow. Lead Artist and Hub Manager,  Helen Maier talks about the challenges of being a Creative Homes artist: “Children keep you on your toes – one minute you are building a den, the next it’s on its side turning into train tracks”. It’s a dark […]


Play and display

Lead Creative Homes artist, Holly Dabbs, tells the story of how our hub sessions at L&Q’s Ira Court helped turn a nondescript stairwell into a  ‘Magnificent World’. It’s a wet and windy first day to the project and we can’t get in the building, a five floor block of flats in South London I am […]


Small Steps to Big Changes

Hub Manager and Lead Artists Helen Maier tells the story of how small changes to the daily routine can make a big difference. I’m sitting on a sofa in a bare living room with peeling wallpaper, the curtains still shut. Nathan (4) and his sister Serena (5) stick coloured paper on the cardboard den we […]


Inside Out

At Creative Homes many of the parents we work with are not native to England and have to adjust to living in a new place and culture at the same time as raising small children. Lead Artist and Hub Manager Helen Maier tells the story of one mother’s struggle to overcome isolation in a new […]


Our last Hub session!

To celebrate the end of our two months at L&Q’s Ira Court we invited families for a festive celebration at Hitherfields Children’s Centre around the corner. There was lots of troll rolling and stomping, wand making and a delicious bring and share picnic to finish. In the afternoon we made finishing touches to our “Magnificent […]


Play near you this Summer

Good bye to all the families we’ve been working with at our Viridian hub, we’ve had a great time and hope you have to! Here are a few links to play near you this Summer. Mulberry Centre, Myatt’s Fields Park Mulberry Centre, 12a Calais Street, London, SE5 9LP For more information on the Mulberry Centre, click here. […]


Make your own Farm House

What you will need: A matchbox A piece of red card with double-sided sticky tape on one side A black piece of card for roof, windows and door with double-sided sticky tape on one side  

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