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Our last Hub session!

To celebrate the end of our two months at L&Q’s Ira Court we invited families for a festive celebration at Hitherfields Children’s Centre around the corner. There was lots of troll rolling and stomping, wand making and a delicious bring and share picnic to finish. In the afternoon we made finishing touches to our “Magnificent […]


Play near you this Summer

Good bye to all the families we’ve been working with at our Viridian hub, we’ve had a great time and hope you have to! Here are a few links to play near you this Summer. Mulberry Centre, Myatt’s Fields Park Mulberry Centre, 12a Calais Street, London, SE5 9LP For more information on the Mulberry Centre, click here. […]


Make your own Farm House

What you will need: A matchbox A piece of red card with double-sided sticky tape on one side A black piece of card for roof, windows and door with double-sided sticky tape on one side  

Take your troll on a fishing adventure!

Summer events and Nature Table Challenge

Come join our free summer events this June and July and make your own nature table at home!   Nature Table Challenge Bring your troll to one of our events and collect your nature table cloth. At home choose a surface for your nature table. Decorate your table with the crafts you made with us. […]


Make your own Nature Troll

What you will need: 1 ball of “Das” modelling clay 2 sticks (one broken in two to make eyes) 2 medium seed pods or small stones 1 small seed pod or stone 1 feather 1 leaf

Sing your way to fitness!

Playing with your baby is good for your health, your home and your heart Marit Vestby, lead artist for Lewisham Homes tells Prya’s family story I first met Prya when door knocking, she was on her way out to the baby clinic with her 6 month old baby Akansha. As I handed her a flyer and explained about the playgroup, she said ‘English not so much’. […]

Rob decorating his own Fairy Paste from the Tooth Fairy.

A Prehistorical, Playful Parent!

BEWARE KIDS: They are good for your health! Marit Vestby, Hub Manager for Lewisham Homes, tells Betty and Rob’s Creative Homes story A rainy day on my way into Creative Homes group hub session “All-In One Tuesdays” at Honor Oak Community Centre in Lewisham. I hear noises, drumbeat, chanting and laughter. I open the door […]


Make your own Bus

To make your bus you will need: Matchbox Green stickers White stickers Sticky jewels Round stickers

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