Fun activities


Make your own Farm House

What you will need: A matchbox A piece of red card with double-sided sticky tape on one side A black piece of card for roof, windows and door with double-sided sticky tape on one side  

Empty the mud/seed mixture into the box and smooth with the knife. Leave on the windowsill and water when the soil becomes dry. After a few days your cress will begin to sprout.

Make your own Cress Farm

What you will need: 1 Bag of soil and cress seed mix 1 Plastic tub A few twigs A ball of ‘Das’ modelling clay 1 Plastic knife Some water    


Make your own Nature Troll

What you will need: 1 ball of “Das” modelling clay 2 sticks (one broken in two to make eyes) 2 medium seed pods or small stones 1 small seed pod or stone 1 feather 1 leaf


Make your own Bus

To make your bus you will need: Matchbox Green stickers White stickers Sticky jewels Round stickers

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