Fun activities

Make your own rabbit ears

To make your rabbit ears you will need: Glue Cardboard cut-out ears Cut-out tissue paper ears Pipe cleaners Sticky jewels Cardboard cut-out circles Glitter sticky nose Rubber teeth Cardboard strip

Make your own Watering Can

To make your Watering Can you will need: Watering Can cardboard cut-out Glue Yellow tissue paper Blue tissue paper Sticky jewels Decorative stickers

Make your own shield

To make your shield you will need: Cut-out cardboard shield Cut-out paper shield Tissue paper Sequens Cardboard strip Cupcake foil Double sided tape Glitter-tape Glue

Make your own Bee flower pot

To make your Bee antenna you will need: Flower pot 2 Soil tablets Flower seeds Cut-out bee wings Yellow tissue paper strip Sticky jewels Double sided tape 2 Pipe cleaners with 2 attached bells

Make your own Bee antenna

To make your Bee antenna you will need: Cardboard strip Glue Yellow tissue paper Sticky jewels Glue dots Black ribbon Tape 2 Pipe cleaners 2 Bells

Make your own Chinese bowl

To make your bowl you will need: Glue stick Silver foil strips with sticky backs Tissue paper Diamond strips Flower pot Chop sticks  

Make your own Chinese New Year dragon puppet

To make your puppet you will need: 1 paper cup 6 strips coloured paper 3 strips jewel stickers 2 stick-on eyes 2 rose petals 1 piece of ribbon 2 sparkle foam shapes double sided tape

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