Creative Homes at Honor Oak, Lewisham Homes. November 2014 – March 205

Building trust through play at our hub sessions

“Funding Creative Homes is the best idea Lewisham Homes ever came up with” – Betty, Lewisham homes resident and mum of four Marit Vestby, Hub Manager for Lewisham Homes, tells Betty and Rob’s Creative Homes story The December rain beats against my umbrella as I walk to the Creative Homes group hub session at Honor Oak Community […]

A vegetable adventure at All In Ones.

We’re going on an adventure… to the stomach! It’s been brilliant to see so many of our Lewisham homes families coming regularly to the All In One playgroup, running every Tuesday from 10am-12.30pm at the Honor Oak Community Centre. We had a great time with some of them last week when we went on a […]

Sing your way to fitness!

Playing with your baby is good for your health, your home and your heart Marit Vestby, lead artist for Lewisham Homes tells Prya’s family story I first met Prya when door knocking, she was on her way out to the baby clinic with her 6 month old baby Akansha. As I handed her a flyer and explained about the playgroup, she said ‘English not so much’. […]

A Prehistorical, Playful Parent!

BEWARE KIDS: They are good for your health! Marit Vestby, Hub Manager for Lewisham Homes, tells Betty and Rob’s Creative Homes story A rainy day on my way into Creative Homes group hub session “All-In One Tuesdays” at Honor Oak Community Centre in Lewisham. I hear noises, drumbeat, chanting and laughter. I open the door […]

Make your own rabbit ears

To make your rabbit ears you will need: Glue Cardboard cut-out ears Cut-out tissue paper ears Pipe cleaners Sticky jewels Cardboard cut-out circles Glitter sticky nose Rubber teeth Cardboard strip

Make your own Watering Can

To make your Watering Can you will need: Watering Can cardboard cut-out Glue Yellow tissue paper Blue tissue paper Sticky jewels Decorative stickers

Make your own shield

To make your shield you will need: Cut-out cardboard shield Cut-out paper shield Tissue paper Sequens Cardboard strip Cupcake foil Double sided tape Glitter-tape Glue

Make your own Bee flower pot

To make your Bee antenna you will need: Flower pot 2 Soil tablets Flower seeds Cut-out bee wings Yellow tissue paper strip Sticky jewels Double sided tape 2 Pipe cleaners with 2 attached bells

The Tooth Fairy visits the dentist

Last Friday, the 27th February, Honor Oak Dental Clinic was transformed by the arrival of a very special visitor. We invited families from our Lewisham Homes hub to join us at their local dentist for the chance to meet the Tooth Fairy! For many children (and adults too), going to the dentist can be a […]

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