Toilet Sailor

It’s not just a playgroup

Hub Manager and Lead Artist Helen tells the story of two families she met during an 18-week Creative Homes hub and in Mitcham that ran from October to March 2018, in partnership with L&Q housing. When we start a new project we can never predict who we will meet, each time I’m surprised despite myself by just […]

Play as a catalyst for positive change in a family’s daily life

Story by Creative Homes, in partnership with Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre and Peabody Housing Trust. Lead Artist Helen Maier tells the story of how a visit from the toilet training sailor inspired a family to use play as a creative solution not only for toilet training but also to reduce stress in other areas of […]

Small Steps to Big Changes

Hub Manager and Lead Artists Helen Maier tells the story of how small changes to the daily routine can make a big difference. I’m sitting on a sofa in a bare living room with peeling wallpaper, the curtains still shut. Nathan (4) and his sister Serena (5) stick coloured paper on the cardboard den we […]

Searching for Toilet Island: set backs don’t mean failure

Toilet training is something that many families struggle with. It’s often difficult, because there isn’t really a “right” way to do it. Every child has their own pace and there can be unexpected set backs along the way. But it’s important to remember that set backs don’t mean failure. Children will learn when they are ready, and […]

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