Tooth Fairy

It’s not just a playgroup

Hub Manager and Lead Artist Helen tells the story of two families she met during an 18-week Creative Homes hub and in Mitcham that ran from October to March 2018, in partnership with L&Q housing. When we start a new project we can never predict who we will meet, each time I’m surprised despite myself by just […]

Tooth Fairy visits Coin Street Nursery to talk all things teeth!

In March 2016 the Tooth Fairies visited 30 families and 25 staff from Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre Nursery and Family Support Programme.     The Tooth Fairies flew in to check on all those teeth, sharing their favourite toothbrushing song, the secret ingredients of fairy paste and the real story of the Tooth Fairies. Working […]

Growing independence

Hub Manager and Lead Artist, Charlotte Tupper, talks about how Creative Homes artists empower families and children to grow independence around everyday tasks at home. We’re at Ira Court, an L&Q estate in Lambeth, and we can hear children’s voices behind the door, we knock and Nicole, the mum, opens it. “Come in” she says […]

The Tooth Fairy visits the dentist

Last Friday, the 27th February, Honor Oak Dental Clinic was transformed by the arrival of a very special visitor. We invited families from our Lewisham Homes hub to join us at their local dentist for the chance to meet the Tooth Fairy! For many children (and adults too), going to the dentist can be a […]

Tackling toothbrushing: the full Creative Homes experience

For the past few months we’ve been running a Hub to Home programme at the Hook House Community Hub in West Norwood. For 10 weeks in summer we ran weekly group play sessions for local families with children under 5. After a short break we returned in September and October to focus on working with families directly […]

Make your own toothbrush holder

Help your child make a special place to keep their toothbrush. This fun activity is delivered a week after a visit from the Tooth Fairy as a reward for keeping up a good toothbrushing routine!

Creative Homes tackles toothbrushing tantrums

It may not be the most exciting part of the day but we all know that toothbrushing is important, and generally by a certain age we learn to incorporate it into our daily routine. For some children this isn’t an issue but for others toothbrushing can be the cause of many, many tantrums. We’ve even […]

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