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Following the excitement of reaching the final round of the Knee High Design Challenge and officially launching Creative Homes as a business, we’ve spent the past few months in preparation for the year ahead. For us this means building our small team to include two important new members: a brilliant intern to join our design team and are currently in the process of recruiting a business and operations manager to help shape and scale our model. We’ve also just moved into an exciting new studio in Lewisham to house our growing team.

In September we returned to our two hubs to continue working one to one with families in their homes. Building on the relationships we’d made during our summer group sessions we focused solely on home visits from September to November, which meant that we were able to work one to one with many more families in a variety of situations. We helped with tooth brushing, creative playtime, very young babies, healthy eating, and trialled our new Toilet Training Sailor for the first time with two families.

Searching for Toilet Island with Sam the sailor?

We got some great feedback from families who appreciated the real improvements that our visits brought.

“Before it was really hard for me but after the Toothbrush Fairy, it’s changed everything.”
– Abella Hamed, mum of three.

But maybe even more importantly, working with all these different families allowed us to continue trialling, learning and improving what we do. Over the next few months we’ll be reflecting and building on what we’ve learned, like how popping up a cardboard puppet theatre in the bathroom can help a family form a helpful routine around “Toilet Time”, or the amazing communication skills of a toy parrot. We’ll use insights like these to continue improving our products and strengthening our service, ready to start trialling again with families in March.
You can read more on a family’s Creative Homes journey from Hub to home on our blog.

Building a den at home with one of our Hub families

Building a den at home with one of our Hub families

In the New Year we’ve been working with NEF on strategies to continue building evidence for our longitudinal study, proving the impact of our work throughout 2015. We plan to do this in partnership with two housing organisations and are making exciting plans for our next hub with Viridian Housing, launching in March. We’re currently looking for a second housing partnership this year and are eager to hear from housing providers interested in exploring our unique approach to improving family environments.

We’re also interested in connecting with public health workers in Lambeth and Southwark to take part in our study to explore the various health related benefits of our approach.

If you’d like to discuss how a partnership might work or learn more about our plans for the future please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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