First day of the Hub

by Creative Homes

Holly Dabbs, on running her first Creative Homes hub group play session as Lead Artist at Ira Court.

I arrive early at the Hub venue it’s a really light, airy and clean space in the middle of a beautiful park. We set up our firework inspired craft activity using wax crayons on a canvas and get our props ready for a story about Guy Fawkes!

I’ve just made tea when a family arrives. I invite them in. The little boy, Jack, runs straight into the space and over to the table where the craft is set up. Jack and his dad, Laurence, start drawing fireworks together. Laurence encourages Jack to use lots of different colours. Jack’s mum, Kate, comes in and sits down.
“Drawing” she says “you didn’t want to do that last week.”
Kate and Laurence smile and chat together as they paint asking where I live, we chat about their plans to go and see some fireworks. Jack goes and plays with Helen who is washing up in the play kitchen. He keeps opening and closing the play washing machine putting things in and taking them out again. His mum looks over and says “he’s having so much fun, he wasn’t like that yesterday at the other group”.
The family leave with a bag of canvases that each of them painted. They take two ‘How to make you’re own rocket’ craft packs as well.
“My older daughter will love this too”, says Kate.

They walk into the park smiling.


For the rest of the day we deliver rocket craft packs to families on their doorstep. Later that evening I check the group Whatsapp account and we have had a few messages with some great rocket pictures:


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