Play Packs

Playful solutions for family daily life

“He wouldn’t eat any vegetables, it became tea time scream time. But since the Creative Chef came to visit food isn’t a point of tension, he just eats happily now”.
– Lisa, mum of one

More play. Less stress

Whilst we have been unable to visit families at home throughout Covid-19, Creative Homes have been busy creating Play Packs for Under 5s, inspired by our playful characters, that can be delivered straight to a family’s doorstep.

Parents and carers have talked about running out of basic play resources such as crayons and paper, struggling with too much screen time, not enough imaginary/physical play and also how to motivate their family to get outdoors for exercise. The goal of our playful tools and solutions is to support and add value to the work of family outreach and health workers, who are struggling with positive engagement tools whilst unable to meet with families face to face.

In partnership with Early Years Alliance and with funding from Arts Council England, Lewisham Council and L&Q Foundation we have produced 5 play packs full of songs, stories, games and crafts that will help families with the imaginary, sensory and physical play through the day. They are unique, quality artistic products written, developed, designed and performed by top artists working in the early years’ sector.

The play packs include:

> storage bags and boxes full of games, toys and equipment
> playful guides and useful tools for everyday family life
> interactive songs and short films

The packs have a flexible nature to suit your requirements and can be adapted to particular family needs or tailored to compliment local initiatives such as a festival or special event.
To discuss how these packs could benefit families in your borough or organisation and to request a price list, please do get in touch with


Play, Sing, Move, Relax, Bond

The best toy babies will ever have is a loving responsive adult that has the tools to play and connect with their baby.

This pack supports building an emotional and physical bond between parent/carer and baby, so beneficial in the early stages of a child’s development. It contains movement and music sequences to guide the mat play, to support rest and sleep and equipment that will stimulate and improve a baby’s motor skills and awareness of the world.


Eat, Sleep, Toilet and Teeth

A routine helps children understand the balance between enjoyable tasks such as play and functional tasks such as brushing their teeth.

Our playful solutions include helpful and efficient planning games, story guides, songs and stories. These help remove the stress of fussy eaters and toilet accidents with simple ideas for creating a rhythm to the day for the entire family.


Explore, Hunt, Gather and Create

Family time outdoors encourages a connection with nature – weather, soil, water and living things. While there are plenty of creative projects that can be done indoors, many sensory and learning opportunities can only be possible outdoors.

Inspiring families to spend time outdoors, this pack contains a story map, the Mix and Match card game and many more accessories to help kids treasure hunt, collect, grow their own plants and connect more with nature.


Grow, Cook, Eat

Cooking and eating together is a great way for families to build their relationship with their child. Engaging children in this process through play encourages a healthy attitude to food for the whole family.

Child-friendly recipes and cooking equipment, wipe clean placemats, our ‘Grow,Cook,Eat’ mini-packs and so much more will support this fun learning journey.


Dance, Build, Create, Read, Role Play

Play gives children a chance to develop new skills using their bodies and imagination.

Our playmats, songs, challenges, stories and games are inspiring children to explore the world through physical, imaginary and creative play. Troll Hunt, Build a Den and play Mix & Match with our new card game.

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