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Reducing the number of families experiencing toxic stress to give children the best start in life.

“The visit from the Creative Homes Tooth Fairy has created a positive culture around toothbrushing in our house and my son now takes more pride in cleaning his teeth.”
-Dawn, mum of two and Coin Street nursery parent

The home is one of the primary influences on a child’s development in their early years. However, for many families the home environment can be stressful. In most London Boroughs there are 1000+ troubled families facing multiple social problems and a high likelihood of intergenerational transmission of these problems. 25% of children in London live in overcrowded conditions, rising to 43% in the social rented sector. Living on low income can put a strain on parenting and family relationships and increase public health issues.

We work with children’s service in two ways: we find the families you want to reach through strong relationships with housing organisations. Or you can refer families to us who you think would benefit from our service.
Caregivers often raise concerns around their children’s development but don’t know how to access support. Through building trust and confidence with them in their home, we are able to connect families to you. We co-design independently with every family we meet making our service adaptable to most family circumstances. This is why we are being referred families with health concerns; physical development, communication, nutritional. Or issues around home: newly adopted, fostered or living in temporary accommodation. After our work is finished we can connect families to further support services through our pathways program.

Our playful solutions reduce daily stresses in the home and help create happier and more resilient families. By supporting early we can prevent stress from escalating to toxic levels, giving all children the best start in life.

We’ve worked with

  • 450+ families
  • 11 early years settings
  • 8 public health organisations
  • 8 housing organisations

Together we’ve achieved for families:

  • 61% improvement in quality of rhythm and routines in the home
  • 37% reduction in stress linked to the targeted routine, e.g. toilet training
  • 30% increase in parents’ confidence around routines
  • 23% increase in frequency of play at home with children
  • 26% increase in messy play at home
  • 27% increase in singing and dancing with children
  • 22% increase in connection to community
  • 52 families connected to an average of 1.5 support services each through our pathways programme

The Toilet Sailor helps Lisa’s family wave goodbye to toilet training stress

Cherie has two children, Nathan (4) and Serena (5). She is struggling to fully toilet train Nathan who is happy to wee in the toilet but regularly soiling his pants without telling anyone. Cherie finds this really stressful.

“It’s so bad. He goes to the toilet and poos everywhere”

The Toilet Sailor arrives at the family home bringing interactive songs and practical solutions to make toilet training fun and playful.

The family receives two artist visits to help establish new approaches and routines at home.

“All the fun things you did were a tremendous help. Now I ask him if he wants nappies and he says no! He used to love them”.

“He knows the toilet sailor song and dance off by heart since you visited. We sing it together…He uses the toilet whenever he needs now, he’s very good.”

“We play more together now too. I have more ideas for play and since we made those fruit kebabs [during the our first visit consultation] I realised they can help me with cooking too. They chop vegetables and mix things, before I did that all myself”.

Before we left we connected Cherie to her local Children’s centre for any support she made need in the future.

“We have a real optimism now for the health outcomes for the children in that family”.

– Mary Devlin, Manager, Crown Lane Children’s Services

How to access our service

One-to-one family visits

We offer a family package of up to 5 home visits including:

  • 1 play consultation
  • 2 live artist visits
  • 1 follow up
  • 1 pathway session
  • Group sessions in your setting

    The tooth fairies, the toilet training sailor and the creative chef are on tour, and available to deliver group sessions in your setting. An excellent introduction for families before taking part in the full home service.

    Hub-to-home program partner

    Partner with us on a hub to home program to benefit from our ability to connect with very hard to reach families and support us to connect them with your services.

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