Working together to give children the best start in life

It works:

64% increase in quality of the routine
37% reduction in target stress, e.g. toilet training
30% increase in confidence around instigating routine
23% increase in frequency of play at home

Our activity since 2013

77 families received home visits
74 in social & temporary housing
29% single parents
81% BME and ESL families

31 Play Inspectors visits
9 Tooth Fairies visits
25 Toilet Sailors visits
21 Creative Chefs visits

73 community group hub sessions
52 caregivers referred to housing, health and children’s services

Our impact for commissioners

Identification of at-risk families

210 unidentified families reached through doorknocking
52 families referred to further support

Increased Community Cohesion

336 families have attended our group
300 families are spending more time outside
22% report an increase in connection to their community

Parents gain knowledge of local services & further support

52 families connected to an average of 1.5 in-house and local services each through our pathways programme

Our wider impacts

Encouraging families to use what they have around them reduces waste and increases resourcefulness and imagination.

116 cardboard boxes to build
77 dens. Rummaged through
31 home recycle bins for creating materials, increasing messy play activities by 26% per home.

Engaging families in their outdoor spaces encouraging more play outdoors, neighbours to meet and a sense of ownership of local spaces.

73 outdoor group and community events on estates
22% increase in connection to their community

Introducing families to local services, improves health and encourages cross-sector working .

The Tooth Fairy visited Honor Oak Dental Surgery attracting 12 resident families to visit the surgery. 7 of them registered.

Introducing play into homes encourages families to think differently about how to organise their home space

77 homes made room for a den.

31 families displayed their children’s artwork on fridges, doors and walls.

100% of families changed the way they organise their home space.

Our mission for 2016+

Increase the number of housing, health and cultural organisations we work with to reach new families through a cross-sector approach.

Launch our nursery programme.

Increase our evidence base by working with research partners to begin measuring the longer term impacts of our service.

Raise investment to develop new products and expand delivery.

Train and recruit new delivery artists and increase our core team to facilitate growth.

Since 2013 we’ve attracted £243,000 amount of investment from the following partners

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