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by Creative Homes

At Creative Homes we are constantly reviewing and improving the playful solutions that we bring into family homes. We help families with a range of daily issues as diverse as fussy eating, toilet training and secure attachment, so it’s really important that we work regularly with outside experts to consult on best practice in their field of expertise.

We recently had the privilege to review our Baby Movement session with Bernadette King of Peaceful Practice. She specialises in the holistic health of women of all ages, babies and young children and has over 27 years experience.

Our Baby Movement sessions help strengthen attachment between baby, parent and wider family as well as increase physical activity and improve physical and mental development. Through movement, music and multi-sensory play we introduce baby and carer to a simple sequence of easy and safe movements that are never the less very beneficial to the baby’s development and in forming a secure bond.

With guidance from Bernadette we looked at  holds. carries and movements and how they may all be adapted to be appropriate to various ages and developmental stages. With the intention to also accommodate the carer’s needs, this has been an added support to making our Baby Movement session safe, accessible and inclusive for our families.

Read a story from one of our Baby Movement visits.

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