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by Creative Homes

Lewisham mum of 2 children, age 3 and 14 months tells us how Creative Homes Play Packs have supported her family through lockdown.

We missed going out to groups, singing class and particularly libraries. We are experiencing a sense of isolation. Sometimes we go to the park and playground – but having to clean equipment for safety before the children could play is stressful and takes the fun out of it. I felt my daughter was getting bored with spending so much time with me!

I miss going out and doing simple things like going for a meal at her favourite restaurant. I have only been out twice on my own since my daughter was born. However, I’m happy to stay at home to keep safe and think about how the good times will return, and the bad times won’t last forever.

My first reaction to receiving the packs was surprise and excitement. I wasn’t expecting such large boxes with so much in them. I like that everything can be packed away in the box and drawstring bag. My son loves to go to the pack and take out the things he wants to play with. I enjoyed the phone calls with Anne, my outreach worker, discussing the contents and using them in different ways with the children.

My son loved making the Toilet Sailor telescopeand especially enjoyed being creative and making up pirate stories with me. I recalled my childhood whilst doing this. My daughter enjoys using the Tooth Fairy toothbrush, and my son uses the Routine Rebels magnets when he is on the potty.

The packs have genuinely helped with routines like brushing teeth and eating healthy at mealtimes. My son reminds me to sing the songs with him when doing the routines. We have also started making up stories together at bedtime using the How to tell a Story guide. The children used the Baby Pack together using the blue lycra material as a hammock and a parachute, playing and sharing.

I’m looking forward to my daughter making use of the Routine Rebels pack as she gets older, these packs will be used for years. My children love singing and dancing with me, and I’m looking forward to visiting the youtube channel for inspiration. The information sheets have been essential, and I learned a lot from them.

The packs have certainly helped during lockdown, and we will continue to use them for years.

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