The happy box!

by Creative Homes

Lewisham Mother of three tells her lockdown Creative Homes Play Pack story:

As a mother of three, I found it quite challenging to find activities to engage all my children at once at home. My husband and I work full time, and one of our children has learning difficulties.
Throughout the week, I am generally tired from work and quality ‘family time’ happens only on a Sunday.

I was referred through Lewisham Early Help team, and I was in real need to find new ways to connect with my children that were also age-appropriate.

My family and I are incredibly grateful for the ‘happy box’ as we call it from Creative Homes and Lewisham Children and Family Centre. The first activity as a family was to make an ice cream shop that we are still using and find great joy playing with it. My daughter loves the fairy wings, my youngest son loves the crown, and my eldest loves the Mix&Match playing cards. This box has helped me find new ways to connect with my children with clear guidance for different activities.

As parents, we would always welcome new ways to relate to our children to enrich them with parental quality time. Our happy box has provided that for my family and me. It’s not just a box that you could do in one week; it has different activities to adapt repeatedly. The activities themselves provide endless joy for both children and parents.

Support from Lewisham Children & Family Centre has been so essential for me throughout lockdown. The service, support and resources have exceeded my expectations.

I have told my friends about this project and they wished their borough would provide something like this for them too. The box is simple but has supported me to feel confident in trying new things with my children.

I genuinely believe I wouldn’t have done anything like this on my own.

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