Tooth Fairy visits Coin Street Nursery to talk all things teeth!

by Creative Homes

In March 2016 the Tooth Fairies visited 30 families and 25 staff from Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre Nursery and Family Support Programme.



The Tooth Fairies flew in to check on all those teeth, sharing their favourite toothbrushing song, the secret ingredients of fairy paste and the real story of the Tooth Fairies. Working with families and children aged 3 – 4, the Tooth Fairies support children to become more independent in preparation for big school. Tooth Fairies are always keen to find out how many times a day children brush their teeth, for how long and how they do it and if they knew about all the different foods and which are good for growing, healthy teeth. They are also there to support families and nursery staff with reducing the stress of toothbrushing, particularly for children that do not like a toothbrush in their mouth.


Our specially designed and tailored interactive stories, songs and resources including the real story of Fairy Land, how to fight the Gum Bums and how to make Fairy Paste, fire children’s imaginations as they help find the secret ingredients and help mix up the paste, practice fighting Gum Bums and decorate their very own Fairy Paste to take home. Our playful solutions resource families and nursery staff to improve toothbrushing and dental care at home or in their setting.


Our pilot study with Coin Street nursery children found:

33% were only brushing their teeth once a day

30% didn’t have a dentist or regular check ups

48% of parents had confidence or stress issues around their children’s dental care

25% of under 5’s have dental decay in one tooth in South London boroughs


After the tooth fairies visited:

100% increase in children brushing twice a day or more

55% of parents report a better quality of toothbrushing routine

100% of parents show an increase in skills and knowledge around dental care, healthy diet and toothbrushing

80% of nursery staff now trained and equipped with practical skills and resources to tackle dental care with families in their setting


Parents say:

‘My daughter is totally committed and wants to make the Tooth Fairy pleased’


‘The song helps and the special fairy paste as well. At least he now let’s me try to brush his teeth for him a bit longer’.


‘We now brush twice a day (morning and night).’


‘Can brush for longer and more thoroughly, because child more compliant and holds his mouth open properly.’


‘My son is very keen on tooth-brushing twice a day now, and has even asked for a third time when he has forgotten that we did it in the morning.’


Nursery Staff say:

“The Tooth Fairy project helps us (the staff) link in to our own creativity and play”.

– Deborah Kukathas, Deputy Head of Early Years Education at Coin Street


Local Dentist says:

“An innovative project that has an impact on children’s lives and benefits their health and well being…it will have a positive knock on economic effect for the future”.



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